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Please come to each appointment with clean lashes, free of makeup and oils. Clients who arrive with dirty lashes will be charged an additional $5 for a lash bath.

If you are looking to cancel, please provide a minimum of 24hr notice in order to receive a refund on your deposit. Otherwise it will be nonrefundable.

Refills are done at the 2-3 week mark.

TouchUps are done within one week.

Clients have a late grace period of 15 minutes for service appointments more than 30 minutes, and 5 minutes for services under 30 minutes. If a client is exceeds the grace period, they may be asked to reschedule. In this case, the deposit expires after one week from original appointment date/time. 

Refill clients with less than the required 50% of the extensions left may be charged an additional fee to achieve full look or asked to reschedule for a fullset.

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